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Mission: To Improve the Lives of Those with Cardiomyopathy by...

  • Restoring health and wellbeing to those with heart failure from the local community, adjacent areas, and those from around the world who come for outstanding and holistic care.
  • Developing critical insights into the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiomyopathy.
  • Educating the future generation of clinicians and scientists with a commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive environment for physicians and allied health providers.

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What is Cardiomyopathy?

  • Disease of the Heart Muscle.
  • Affects 1:500 people in the United States. Affects people of ages, genders or races.
  • Cardiomyopathy is a common cause of death, including sudden death.
  • Although a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy can be life-changing, with the right treatment and support most people can live full and active lives
  • Causes include:
    • Inherited Disease (Genetic)
    • Infection (Myocarditis)
    • Heart Attacks

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