Jeffery H. Omens, Ph.D. 





Contact Information

My research interests are in cardiac mechanics and mechanisms of cardiac disease. I am a principal investigator in the Cardiac Mechanics Research Group in the Department of Bioengineering along with Dr. Andrew McCulloch. I also have close collaborations with other faculty in Medicine and Bioengineering including Drs. Robert Ross, Francisco Villarreal, Karen Christman and Farah Sheik. My research focuses on the relationship between mechanics and structure in the normal and diseased heart. We have several ongoing projects including passive and active mechanics of the normal and diseased heart, role of transmural heterogeneities in cardiac function, cardiac resynchronization therapy, the role of cytoskeletal and costameric proteins in cardiomyopathy and heart failure. My other interests include instrumentation for biomechanical measurements, including functional measurements in the mouse heart, and computational modeling of cardiac function and remodeling.