Catheterization Conference

Cardiovascular Catheterization Conference

Thursdays, 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
East Campus Office Building (ECOB), La Jolla
Conference Room 1-001
Contact: Margo Relaford, 858-657-5328

Upcoming Conference

November 12th
Case 1: 20 y/o M w/Hemoptysis, Dr. Daniel Walters/Dr. Howie Tran, Dr. John Bahadorani
Case 2: 84 y/o F w/STEMI Dr. Boris Arbit/Dr. Ryan Reeves/ Dr. Ehtisham Mahmud
Hemodynamics Lecture by Dr. William Penny 

Past Conferences 

November 5th 

October 29th
Case 1: 57 y/o M w/chest pain. Dr. Daniel Blanchard/Dr. Nicholas Wettersten
Case 2: 58 y/o M w/ stemi. Dr. Bruno Cotter/Dr. Shiv Sab 
ECG's lecture by Dr. Amir Schricker 

October 22nd 
Case 1: 71 y/o M w/chest pain. Dr. Noel Lee/Dr. David Krummen
Case 2: 22 y/o M w/syncope. Dr. Felice Lin/Dr. Daniel Blanchard/Dr. Mitul Patel
Echo Didactic "Assessment of Diastolic Function" Dr. Daniel Blanchard 

October 15th
Case1: 57 y/o M w/HCV and NICM in need of advanced CHF Therapy. Dr. Eric Adler/Dr. Jorge Silva/Dr. David Cork
Case2: 70 y/o M w/SOB. Dr. John Bahadorani/Dr. Lori Daniels/Dr. Felice Lin
ECG Lecture by Dr. Amir Schricker 

October 8th 
Case 1: 56 y/o M w/ chest pain, Dr. Daniel Walters/Dr. Kirk Knowlton
Case 2: 55 y/o F w/chest pain, Dr. Felice Lin/Dr. Anthony DeMaria
Angio Club

October 1st 
Case 1: 56 y/o M w/ chest pain, Dr. Daniel Walters/Dr. Kirk Knowlton
Case 2: 55 y/o F w/ chest pain, Dr. Felice Lin/ Dr. Anthony DeMaria
Lecture: Hemodynamics Dr. William Penny 

September 24th
Case 1: 66 y/o M w/unstable angina, Dr. Nicholas Wettersten/Dr. Wilbur Lew
Case 2: 58 y/o M presenting with dyspnea on exertion, Dr. Michael Wilkinson/Dr. Anthony DeMaria/Dr. Mitul Patel
3. Echo didactic (5:30-6:00) "Assessment of Diastolic Function" by Dr. Daniel Blanchard

September 17th
1: Thermoguard catheter tutorial (Dr. Lori Daniels)
Case 1: 52 y/o F w/history of heart transplant, Dr.Jenny Papazian/Dr. Howie Tran
Case 2: 18 y/o F w/dyspnea on exertion, Dr. Michael Wilkinson/Dr.Anthony DeMaria/Dr. Lori Daniels/Dr. Hsiao

September 10th
Case 1: 63 y/o M w/ congenital heart disease, Dr. Boris Arbit/Dr. Ryan Reeves
Case 2: 89 y/0 M w/ tachycardia, Dr. Armand Rostamian/Dr. William Penny

September 3rd
Case 1: 61 y/o F w/Stemi, Dr. Almeida/Dr. John Bahadorani
Case 2: 61 y/o M w/Chest pain, Dr. Michael Wilkinson/Dr. Mitul Patel/Dr. Joel Wilson
3: ECG's lecture - Dr. Amir Schricker

August 27th
Case1: 29 y/o F with chest pain/ Dr. Shiv Sab/Dr. Joel Wilson
Case2: 61 y/o M with cardiogenic shock/Dr. Shone Almeida/Dr. Mitul Patel
Echo Lecture-"ECHO Assessment of LV systolic function" presented by Dr. Joel Wilson

August 20th
Case 1: 82 y/o F with chest pain/Sr. Shiv Sab/Dr. Mitul Patel
Case 2: 62 y/o M with weakness/Dr. Felice Lin/Dr. Denise Barnard
Hemodynamics Lecture - Dr. Knowlton

August 13th
Case 1: 37 y/o M with chest pain/ Dr. Isac Thomas/Dr. William Penny/Dr. Alan Maisel
Case 2: 67 y/o M with chest pain/ Dr. Shone Almeida/Dr. William Penny
Angio Club - Dr. Mahmud

August 6th
Case 1: 80 y/o F w/ chest pain, Dr. Noel Lee/Dr. Ajit Raisinghani
Case 2: 69 y/o M w/ chest pain, Dr. Shiv Sab, Dr. Lori Daniels

July 30th
Case 1: 50 y/o M w/STEMI, Dr. Noel Lee/Dr. Lori Daniels
Case 2: 89 y/o F w/Nstemi, Dr. Felice Lin/Dr. Alan Maisel/ Dr. Leda Felicio
Directly followed by: Hemodynamics lecture by Dr. Raisinghani

July 23rd
Case 1: 28 y/o M w/STEMI, Dr. Noel Lee/Dr. Gregory Feld/Dr. Lori Daniels
Case 2: 45 y/o F w/ aortic thrombus, Dr. Shiv Sab/ Dr. Luis Castellanos